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Harlow Clark

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Also Known As Harlow Soderborg Clark; Harlow S. Clark; Harlow Soderburg Clark

Works by Harlow Clark
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Cities of Refuge2004Criticism
Sing, Ye Waste Places of Jerusalem2002Criticism
Socrates Stretched on Ion's Racke2002Criticism
Twenty-Five Years of Writing with One Ear2002Criticism
She, Clory, Had a Testimony, and a Great Smile2001Criticism
Stories Worth Telling?2001Criticism
Room to Be Lousy2000Criticism
Those Who Hunger and Thirst After Writeousness2000Criticism
What I Have Planted: Notes on Cathy Gileadi Wilson's Poetic Burden2000Criticism
Light and Delight1998Criticism
Nebuchadnezzar Grazed by Daniel's God1998Criticism
Feeding Stories to the Lion1997Criticism
I Have Come to the Whirlwind to Converse with the Father: The Book of Job as a Ceremony of Irony1997Criticism
The Deseret Book Book: Lindsey Phillip Dew, Jack Weyland, and Carroll Hofeling Morris1995Criticism
"P.S. The Slimy One on the Right": Remarks on Bombastic Criticism1995Criticism
In the Territory of Irony1994Criticism
Toward a Theory of Literary Value: The Neccessity of Bearing Personal Testimony1994Criticism
A Moebius Trip2004Personal Essay
[Review of] Amazing Gracie by Ann Edwards Cannon2002Review
[Review of] Life is Beautiful by Robert Benigni2002Review
[Review of] Of Curious Workmanship: Musings on Things Mormon by Edgar C. Snow Jr.2002Review
[Review of] A World of Faith by Peggy Fletcher Stack2002Review
[Review of] Dressing like a Mormon guy for only $39.93 by Robert Kirby2002Review
Sung With Vim, Vigor, and a Delicate Tongue: A review of Edgar Snow's Of Curious Workmanship, Peggy Fletcher Stack and Kathleen Peterson's A World of Faith, and Robert Kirby's Provo Daily Herald article "Dressing like a Mormon guy for only $39.93"2001Review
[Review of] Diary of Anne Frank 2001Review
[Review of] It's You and Me Lord by Alan Gerald Cherry2001Review
[Review of] A Challenge for Brittany by Lisa J. Peck2000Review
[Review of] Circle Dance by Sharlee Mullins Glenn2000Review
[Review of] Dancing Shoes by Erica Glenn2000Review
[Review of] Dancing Shoes by Erica Glenn2000Review
[Review of] Dangerous Memories by Lisa J. Peck2000Review
[Review of] Driving on the Lakebed by R. A. Christmas2000Review
[Review of] The Fiction by R. A. Christmas2000Review
[Review of] I Am Jane by Margaret Blair Young2000Review
[Review of] Infobase Introductory Library2000Review
[Review of] Shot in the Heart by Mikal Gilmore2000Review
Panhandlers Standing Like Sentinels: A review of R. A. Christmas's The Fiction and Driving on the Lakebed1999Review
[Review of] Diamonds and Danger by Lynn Gardner1999Review
[Review of] Emeralds and Espionage by Lynn Gardner1999Review
[Review of] House Without Walls by Margaret Blair Young1999Review
[Review of] Pearls and Perils by Lynn Gardner1999Review
[Review of] Sapphires and Smugglers by Lynn Gardner1999Review
[Review of] Turquoise and Terrorists by Lynn Gardner1999Review
[Review of] Michelle & Debra by Jack Weyland1998Review
[Review of] Set in Stone Fixed in Glass: The Mormons, the West, and Their Photographers by Nelson B. Wadsworth1998Review
[Review of] Best-Loved Poems of the LDS People1997Review
[Review of] Love Chains: Stories by Margaret Blair Young1997Review
[Review of] Middle Woman by Orson Scott Card1997Review
[Review of] The Touch of the Master's Hand by Myra Brooks Welch1997Review
[Review of] White Thunder and Kokopelli by Boyd Richardson1997Review
[Review of] White Thunder and Kokopelli by Boyd Richardson1997Review
[Review of] Abish by Sherri Johnson1996Review
[Review of] Ammon and the King by Sherrie Johnson1996Review
[Review of] Spirits in the Leaves by Jerry Johnston1996Review
Against the Dying of the Light1983Short Story
Room to Be2001Tribute

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