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Joseph L. Townsend
A business leader in Payson, he was also principal of Payson High Schhol, a teacher of penmanship at Brigham Young Academy at Provo and later, a manual training teacher in Salt Lake High School. He wrote a number of hymns still sung by the Latter-day Saints. In 1872, ill health sent him west to Salt Lake City. Six months later, he joined the LDS Church.

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Also Known As J.L. Townsend; J. L. Townsend
Birth Date 1849
Death Date 1942
Birth Place Pennsylvania
Education University of Missouri
Agricultural College of Missouri

Works by Joseph L. Townsend
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Among the Indian Mounds1882Poetry
Choose the Right1985Music Lyrics
The Day Dawn Is Breaking1985Music Lyrics
Friends and I1880Poetry
Hope of Israel1974Music Lyrics
Indian Summer in the Alleghanies1883Poetry
The Iron Rod1985Music Lyrics
Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words1985Music Lyrics
A Natural Rockery1883Poetry
Nearer, Dear Savior, to Thee1985Music Lyrics
Oh, Holy Words of Truth and Love1985Music Lyrics
Oh, What Songs of the Heart1985Music Lyrics
The Old Folks1882Poetry
O Thou Rock of Our Salvation1985Music Lyrics
Our Missionaries1882Poetry
Reverently and Meekly Now1985Music Lyrics
Scene in Virginia1883Poetry
Spirit Memories1882Poetry
Time in Prophecy1882Poetry
To Nephi, Seer of Olden Time1974Poetry

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