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Paul Nolan Hyde
Professor of Linguistics

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Also Known As Paul N. Hyde
Religion LDS

Works by Paul Nolan Hyde
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Dances with Dusei: A Personal Response to C. J. Cherryh’s The Faded Sun1992Criticism
Quenti Lambardillion: The Gondolinic Runes: Another Picture1992Criticism
Quenti Lambardillion: Snuffling out Footsteps; a Translation at Risk1992Criticism
Quenti Lambardillion: Pointing with an Index Finger1991Criticism
Emotion with Dignity: J. R. R. Tolkien and Love1990Criticism
Quenti Lambardillion: Face of Janus, a Recounting from the Middle of It All1990Criticism
Quenti Lambardillion: Running on Empty, Charting a New Course1990Criticism
Quenti Lambardillion: To Be or Not to Be; a Quest1990Criticism
Quenti Lambardillion: Among the Trees: Seeking the Spirit of Narqelion1989Criticism
Quenti Lambardillion: Oilima Markirya: A Ship in Time1989Criticism
Quenti Lambardillion: A Question of Grammar: Declining to Answer1989Criticism
Philologist at the North Pole: J. R. R. Tolkien and the Father Christmas Letters1988Criticism
Quenti Lambardillion: Laborer-Asthete1988Criticism
Quenti Lambardillion: Narqelion1988Criticism
Quenti Lambardillion: Turkish Delight1988Criticism
Gandalf, Please Should Not Sputter1987Criticism
J. R. R. Tolkien: Creative Uses of the Oxford English Dictionary1987Criticism
Quenti Lambardillion: Angerthas and The Hobbit1987Criticism
Quenti Lambardillion: A Phonetic Analysis of Tolkien’s Invented Languages: Consonants1987Criticism
Leaf and Key1986Criticism
Quenti Lambardillion: Languages of Middle Earth, Part 11986Criticism
Quenti Lambardillion: Languages of Middle Earth, Part 21986Criticism
Quenti Lambardillion: The Principle of Language-Legend1986Criticism
Quenti Lambardillion: Linguistics1985Criticism
Quenti Lambardillion: Title Page Inscriptions1985Criticism
Quenti Lambardillion: Tolkien’s Linguistic Aesthetic1985Criticism
A Linguist Looks at Tolkien’s Elvish1984Criticism
Quenti Lambardillion: Tolkien’s Vowel Structures1984Criticism
Quenti Lambardillion: A Column on Middle-earth Linguistics1983Criticism
Translations from the Elvish: The Linguo-Cultural Foundations of Middle-Earth1983Criticism
Linguistic Techniques Used in Character Development in the Works of J. R. R. Tolkien1982Criticism Dissertation / Thesis
A Descriptive Analysis of the Languages Used in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”1972Criticism Dissertation / Thesis
The White Raven: A Personal Response1990Personal Essay
A Comprehensive Index of Proper Names and Phrases in The Hobbit1991Reference Work
Working English Lexicon1988Reference Work
Mythos: The Daughter of Mountains, the Mother of Pearls1989Unassigned

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