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Margaret Blair Young
Margaret Young, a frequent award recipient from the Association for Mormon Letters, is a novelist and playwright best known for her work co-written with Darius Gray regarding the African-American Mormon experience, Standing on the Promises

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Web Site Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons
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Also Known As Margaret B. Young; Margaret Blair Fox; Margaret Young; Margaret Blair
Religion LDS
Birth Date 1955
Spouse Bruce Young
Children Four (Kaila, Robert, Julia, Michael)
Education 1979, B.A. Brigham Young University, Emphasis: Theater and Cinematic Arts
1988, M.A. Brigham Young University, English, Emphasis: Creative Writing
Career Margaret Young has taught writing part-time at Brigham Young University since 1984, as well as at BYU-Hawaii in 1994.
Awards 2003: “Best In State” award in fiction category from state of Utah
2001: Association for Mormon Letters award for novel One More River to Cross
Association for Mormon Letters award for play I Am Jane
1998: Grant from Utah Arts Council for research towards One More River to Cross
1996: 1st Place in the BYU Studies Playwriting Competition, for Dear Stone, a two-act play.
1995: Honorable Mention from Utah Arts Council for Biography/Autobiography, Parallel Lives.
1994: Honorable Mention from Utah Arts Council for Children's literature, for Inklebert's Inventions.
1993: 1st Place for Young Adult Novel from Utah Arts Council, Merry's Daughters.
D.K. Brown Fiction Competition:
2nd place for story "Zoo Sounds."
2nd place for short short story "Project."
1992: Association of Mormon Letters Award for Elegies and Love Songs.
1991: Honorable Mention, Katherine Anne Porter Short Fiction Contest, sponsored by Nimrod (Tulsa, Oklahoma).
Annual Fiction Award, Dialogue, for story "Outsiders."
1990: Publication Prize, for collected short stories, awarded by Utah Arts Council.
Utah Arts Council Prize, first place for best novel (for Salvador).
Second Place, D.K. Brown Memorial Contest, Sunstone Magazine) for story "In Search of Spilled Root Beer."
Finalist, Oktoberfest VI (national fiction contest), for "Sandboxers."
1989: Utah Arts Council Award, first place for best collected fiction, for Elegies and Love Songs.
Utah Arts Council Award, first place for best single short story (for "Elegy for John Donne").
Annual Fiction award, Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought for story "Grandma's Dying."
Listed: Pushcart Prizes, for story "Grandpa's Growth," published in The Southern Review.
1988: Mayhew Short Story Contest, first place.
Mayhew Essay Contest, first place.
Anne Doty Fiction Contest, first place.
Elsie Carroll Essay Contest, third place.
1987: Festival of the Arts Short Story Contest, first place.
Mayhew Short Story Contest, third place.
Anne Doty Fiction Contest, second place.
1986: Festival of the Arts Essay Contest, first place.
1985: Mayhew Short Story Contest, second place.
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Works by Margaret Blair Young
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Jane Manning James: your sister in the gospel Film
Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons Film
"The Holy Cords Too Intrinse to Unloose": Mormon Families in Life and Fiction2002Criticism
"Is There No Blessing for Me?": The Relentless Jane Manning James2001Criticism
A Spokesperson for the New "Lost Generation"1993Criticism
Dear StoneDrama
I Am JaneDrama
The Making of "Jane Manning James: Your Sister in the Gospel"2005History
Walking the Tightrope: Mormon Audiences2003Interview / Panel
[Interview with Margaret Young]2000Interview / Panel
Eros in LDS Life and Literature: A Panel with B. W. Jorgensen, Margaret Blair Young, and Karin Anderson England1996Interview / Panel
Domesticity and the Call to Art: A Panel1994Interview / Panel
The Last Mile of the Way2003Novel
Bound for Canaan2002Novel
Heresies of Nature: A Novel2002Novel
One More River to Cross2000Novel
House Without Walls: A Novel1991Novel
Standing on the PromisesNovel Series
The Bond of Love2000Novel Excerpt
Elijah's Calling: 1840-411999Novel Excerpt
Essay for June 9, 19981999Personal Essay
Bare Legs, Bare Soul1998Personal Essay
Sharks!: Or, You Mean You Hold a Temple Recommend and You Wrote That?!1997Personal Essay
Doing Huebener1988Personal Essay
Dirge for Thomas Kuku1986Personal Essay
Before the Years She Went Insane1985Poetry
[Review of] The Other Side of Heaven by Mitch Davis2001Review
[Review of] Only Once by Rocco DeVilliers1998Review
States of Grace, God's Army 2: In the True Spirit of ChristmasReview
Sanctuaries2003Short Story
Verdadera Hermana1997Short Story
The Affair1997Short Story
Balance Beam1997Short Story
Brothers1997Short Story
The China Doll1997Short Story
Dirge for Rosaidalva Aju1997Short Story
The Go Between1997Short Story
God on Donahue1997Short Story
Griever1997Short Story
Hanging out the Dirty Language1997Short Story
Love Chains: Stories1997Short Story Collection
Project1997Short Story
Winds1997Short Story
Zoo Sounds1996Short Story
Hanauma Bay1994Short Story
In Search of Spilled Root Beer1993Short Story
Digging1992Short Story
Elegies and Love Songs1992Short Story Collection
Evvie’s Nails1992Short Story
Grandpa’s Growth 1992Short Story
Guaymas 1992Short Story
Invitations1992Short Story
My Men1992Short Story
Sandboxers1992Short Story
Strange Juxtapositions 1992Short Story
Ghosts1991Short Story
Outsiders1991Short Story
Elegy for John Donne: For the Bearded Guy1989Short Story
Grandma’s Dying1989Short Story
Miguel Aju1986Short Story
Home for Xmas: (with apologies to T.S. Eliot)1985Short Story
Mrs. Brant1979Short Story
At Temple SquareShort Story
Hearing Gene's Voice2001Tribute

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