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Michael R. Collings
Michael R. Collings, Poet-in-Residence at Seaver College of Pepperdine University from 1997-2000, has contributed to Mormon literature through both his poetry and his criticism. As for his poetry, he has published several collections, such as Som Certaine Sonets, a collection of sonnets that include poems about Joseph Smith (also published in Epyllion in Anamnesis: Remembery Taliesin: Two Cycles of Poems ). An on-line journal, YGDRASIL, published two segments of Remembery sonnets (April 1996, August 1998), and in the summer of 1999 was due to post Elementals, a sequence of twenty sonnets of which some are based loosely on LDS theology. As a critic, Collings has written the first academic study of Orson Scott Card's work, In the Image of God: Theme, Characterization and Landscape in the Fiction of Orson Scott Card (Greenwood, 1990).

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Also Known As Michael Collings; Michael R. Collin[g]s; Michael Collin[g]s
Religion LDS

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Horror Plum'd: An International Stephen King Bibliography and Guide 1960-20002003 Bibliography
Storyteller: The Official Orson Scott Card Bibliography and Guide2001 Bibliography
Hauntings: The Official Peter Straub Bibliography2000 Bibliography
Card Catalogue: The Science Fiction and Fantasy of Orson Scott Card1987 Bibliography
The Annotated Guide to Stephen King: A Primary and Secondary Bibliography of the Works of America’s Premier Horror Writer1986 Bibliography
Dean Koontz1995Biography / Memoir
Brian W. Aldiss1989Biography / Memoir
Brian W. Aldiss1986Biography / Memoir
Scaring Us to Death: The Impact of Stephen King on Popular Culture1997Criticism
“And on His Crest Sat Horror Plum’d”: Some Elements of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror in Milton’s Paradise Lost1997Criticism
Literary vs. Accessible1996Criticism
Orson Scott Card: An Approach to Mythopoeic Fiction1996Criticism
Afterword: Quo Vadis, Bestsellasaurus Rex?1991Criticism
New Words for New Worlds: Notes Toward an Anti-Definition of Science Fiction Poetry1991Criticism
Afterword: The Folk of the Fringe1990Criticism
In the Image of God: Theme, Characterization, and Landscape in the Fiction of Orson Scott Card1990Criticism
Acorns to Oaks: Explorations of Theme, Image, and Character in the Early Works of Stephen King1989Criticism
Dialogues by Starlight: Three Approaches to Writing SF Poetry1989Criticism
Time and Vast Eternities: Landscapes of Immortality in Orson Scott Card's Fiction1989Criticism
Triptych in Words1989Criticism
Brothers of the Head: Brian W. Aldiss’s Psychological Landscape1988Criticism
Dean R. Koontz and Stephen King: Style, Invasion, and an Aesthetics of Horror Fiction1988Criticism
Dean R. Koontz’s Twilight Eyes: Art and Artifact1988Criticism
Literary Heroism in the Works of Orson Scott Card1988Criticism
Imago Christi: Christ-Figures in the Fiction of Orson Scott Card1987Criticism
Filling the Niche: Fantasy and Science Fiction in Contemporary Horror1987Criticism
The Rational and the Revelatory in the Science Fiction of Orson Scott Card1987Criticism
Self-reflexive Artifacts: Stephen King, Science Fiction, and The Tommyknockers1987Criticism
The Stephen King Phenomenon1987Criticism
“Argument Not Less but More Heroic”: Epic, Order, and Post-Holocaust Society in Piers Anthony’s Battle Circle1987Criticism
IT: Stephen King’s Comprehensive Masterpiece1986Criticism
Beyond Deep Heaven: Generic Structure and Christian Message in C. S. Lewis’s Ransom Novels1986Criticism
King versus Koontz: Style and Invasion1986Criticism
Reflections on the Fantastic: Selected Essays from the Fourth International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts1986Criticism
Samuel R. Delany and John Wilkins: Artificial Languages, Science, and Science Fiction1986Criticism
The Many Facets of Stephen King1985Criticism
Science and Scientism in C. S. Lewis' That Hideous Strength1985Criticism
The Shorter Works of Stephen King1985Criticism
Stephen King as Richard Bachman1985Criticism
James P. Hogan’s Inherit the Stars: A Paradigm for Communication1984Criticism
Refracted Visions and Future Worlds: Mormonism and Science Fiction1984Criticism
Lewis after Milton: A Sense of Direction for Science Fiction Poetry1983Criticism
Of Lions and Lamp-Posts: C. S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as Response to Olaf Stapledon’s Sirius1983Criticism
Pre-Visions of the Restoration: The Poetry of Henry Vaughan1982Criticism
“To Be Still a Man”: Abstraction and Concretion in C. S. Lewis1982Criticism
The Mechanisms of Fantasy1980Criticism
C. S. Lewis and the Music of Creation1979Criticism
The Devil's Plague 2011Novel Fiction
Serpent’s Tooth2011Novel Fiction
Shadow Valley: A Novel of Horror2011Novel Fiction
Static!: A Novel of Horror2011Novel Fiction
The Slab: A Novel of Horror2010Novel Fiction
Singer of Lies2009Novel Fiction
The Thousand Eyes of Flame: Wordsmith volume two2009Novel
The Veil of Heaven: Wordsmith volume one2009Novel
The House beyond the Hill2007Novel
Writing the Fantastic and Religion: Some Ruminations on the Roles of Poetry2000Personal Essay
Christ of Universe2000Poetry
The Missionary's Return2000Poetry
Som Certaine Sonets1998Poetry Collection
Epyillion in Anamnesis: Remembery/Taliesin — Two Cycles of Poems1996Poetry Collection
The House beyond the Hill1996Poetry Collection
The Nephiad: An Epic Poem in Twelve Books . . .1996Poetry
Poetry, Especially for Children1996Poetry Collection
Still Secrecies of Love: Poems L. D. S. and Other1996Poetry Collection
Tales through Time1996Poetry Collection
100–Square-Mile Sails1995Poetry
The Challenger Seven1995Poetry
Pterodactylus modernus1995Poetry
Aboriginals’ Escape1995Poetry
Alien Invasion1995Poetry
All Calm, All Bright: Christmas Offerings1995Poetry Collection
Before the Feeding1995Poetry
Bitter Wine1995Poetry
Blood Rite1995Poetry
The Boneyard of Old Ezra Snow1995Poetry
Bulky Silhouette1995Poetry
Burning Fairy Tales1995Poetry
A Chemist with Deficit Cranium1995Poetry
Chester the Centaur1995Poetry
A Denizen (Defunct) of Derry1995Poetry
Dreamer of Worlds1995Poetry
Evolving, an Amphibious Fish1995Poetry
Evolving Proto-Amphibians1995Poetry
Going a Mile a Minute1995Poetry
Grey [I]1995Poetry
Haiku1995Poetry Collection
I Become Aware1995Poetry
Ice-World Snow1995Poetry
If Christ Had Waited Two Millennia (and Found Our World As It Is)1995Poetry
If Upon a Midnight Dreary1995Poetry
In the Nest of the Dark God1995Poetry
Invert Logic1995Poetry
I Remember Still1995Poetry
Jupiter’s Eagle1995Poetry
Love among the Stars1995Poetry
Matrix1995Poetry Collection
Meltdown Bunny1995Poetry
Midgard Serpent [I]1995Poetry
Missionary’s Return [II]1995Poetry
My Dog Is Sitting in a Tree1995Poetry
Nestlings of a Dark God: Poems 1974–1994 — Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Myth1995Poetry Collection
Nominalizations: Aliens Versus the English Language1995Poetry
On Star Wars Clones1995Poetry
On the Viking Immolation of My Son’s Braces1995Poetry
Orbiting Satellite1995Poetry
The Passing of Arthur1995Poetry
Poe’s “The Raven”1995Poetry
Retooling for the Renaissance in the 3rd Millennium1995Poetry Anthology
A Rocket Cuts1995Poetry
Satin Whips1995Poetry
A Scientist Brave1995Poetry
Silver Ghosts1995Poetry
Something Shatters Sleep1995Poetry
Star-Rise in the South1995Poetry
Such Things as Metaphors1995Poetry
The Thing1995Poetry
Things to Come1995Poetry
Throbbing Heat1995Poetry
Urban Farmer1995Poetry
The Vampire’s Daymare1995Poetry
When the Conquerors Came1995Poetry
Within My Computer-Self1995Poetry
After First Blooding1994Poetry
Baying Hounds1994Poetry
Classical Music1994Poetry
Into Bread1994Poetry
Lines for a Newly Released Bishop1994Poetry
Mission Call1994Poetry
Monolith: The Teller and the Tale1994Poetry
Rose-Red Lips1994Poetry
Vampire’s Kiss1994Poetry
The Boneyard of Old Ezra Snow, and Other Poems1993Poetry Collection
Elegy for an Asteroid Miner Dying on December 251993Poetry
Exiles on a Left-Hand World1993Poetry
Orion Disappeared Last Night1993Poetry
Portrait of the Artist on the Verge of Middle Age1993Poetry
Remembering the Flight of Wingless Birds1993Poetry
Sacramental Song1993Poetry
Sonnet: To Fourteen Who Died on an Unnamed Winter World1993Poetry
Spatio-Temporal Spectacles1993Poetry
The Stalker’s Promise1993Poetry
Trick or Treat1993Poetry
Warren Travels with His Father1993Poetry
Because I Would Not Stop for Death1992Poetry
The Boy Had Killed Himself1992Poetry
Child Abuse1992Poetry
The Dionysian Hierarchy First Notices Moroni and His Friends1992Poetry
Entire unto Himself1992Poetry
The Grave1992Poetry
The Irrigation Ditch Lies Empty1992Poetry
Mabel Grafel1992Poetry
My Son Discovers Classical Music1992Poetry
On the Last Day of Her Dying1992Poetry
Piano Lessons1992Poetry
Playing “The Last Chord” in Sacrament Meeting1992Poetry
The Program1992Poetry
Shipwrecked among the Channel Islands1992Poetry
Such Things as Worlds1992Poetry
This Is the Season1992Poetry
Warrants and Assumptions1992Poetry
After Thirty Years as Ward Organist1991Poetry
Baptism: As Light as Snow1991Poetry
Fog, Like Snow1991Poetry
The Gospel in the Latter Days1991Poetry
On Becoming a High Priest1991Poetry
On the Evening of Her 95th Birthday1991Poetry
On the Grounds of the Manti Temple1991Poetry
Warren Remembers the Chicken Coop1991Poetry
Ad Astra Per Fidem1990Poetry
Homo Lupus1990Poetry
Black Dandelions1990Poetry
The Calling of the Dead1990Poetry
Dark Transformations: Deadly Visions of Change1990Poetry Collection
Dark Transformations1990Poetry
A Midnight Shooting on the Golden State Freeway1990Poetry
The Ripper’s Daymare1990Poetry
Solar Marathon1990Poetry
Trick or Treat1990Poetry
Faces of Fear1989Poetry
A Midnight Horror Reading at the Stanley Hotel1989Poetry
Our Gods Have Died1989Poetry
Bluebottle Fly1988Poetry
Crescendo and Decrescendo1988Poetry
Fields of Starflowers1988Poetry
Fields of Starflowers, and Other Poems: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror1988Poetry Collection
I, Witness1988Poetry
In Memoriam: A Father . . . and a Friend1988Poetry Collection
On Reading the Stories of Orson Scott Card1988Poetry
On the First Outdoor Testing of a Man-Made Bacterium in a Strawberry Patch in California1988Poetry
Star-Pilot’s Funeral1988Poetry
Star Poet’s Curse1988Poetry
The Star Scout Handbook1987Poetry
When the Wordmonger Came1987Poetry
You, Stephen King1987Poetry
The SoulOrgan1986Poetry
Memento Mori1985Poetry
Verbum Terrae1985Poetry
And Soft at Samarkand the Stones1985Poetry
Cosmetic Surgery1985Poetry
Critical Mass1985Poetry
Curling Southward, Ice-Winds Call1985Poetry
David and Bathsheba1985Poetry
Fire Dancer1985Poetry
The Last Pastoral1985Poetry
The Meeting on the Edge of Eternity1985Poetry
My Last Nemesis1985Poetry
Naked to the Sun: Dark Visions of Apocalypse1985Poetry Collection
Naked to the Sun [II]1985Poetry
The Other in Shadow1985Poetry
Secret Shadow1985Poetry
The Sheep in Pews1985Poetry
The Sorceress of the Silvered Wood1985Poetry
Trigger in the Mind1985Poetry
The Wind from Whirl-Away1985Poetry
A Lesson in Manners1984Poetry
Eternity Has Finally Died1983Poetry
The Bloofer Lady1983Poetry
The Golden Chain1983Poetry
Naked to the Sun [I]1983Poetry
One with Him1983Poetry
Renfield’s Litany as Overheard by Professor Von Helsing1983Poetry
Soliloquy on Perspective1983Poetry
Stretched Naked on His Bed, a Second Danae: A Triolet1983Poetry
Stretched Naked on His Bed, a Second Danae: A Villanelle1983Poetry
A Threnody of Wolves1983Poetry
The Blood Burns1982Poetry
The Burning1982Poetry
The Dark Is Deep1982Poetry
Fifth Movement . . . and Final1982Poetry
From the Womb of the World1982Poetry
Implications of Mortality from Recollections of Human History1982Poetry
Migration [II]1982Poetry
Sonata Enigmata1982Poetry
Beneath the Blue Sun1981Poetry
Double Helix1981Poetry
Essence of the Other1981Poetry
First Contact1981Poetry
Heritage II1981Poetry
Return to Avalon1981Poetry
Rydra Wong1981Poetry
Visitation of Grace1980Poetry
On Mr. Lewis’ Discarded Image1979Poetry
A Season of Calm Weather1974Poetry Collection
Piers Anthony1983Reference Work
[Review of] On keeping things small by Marilyn Bushman-Carlton1996Review
[Review of] Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus by Orson Scott Card1996Review
Collings Reviews1995Review
LDS Assumptions: [Review of Orson Scott Card's Speaker for the Dead]1987Review
Wer Means Man1990Short Story
A Pound of Chocolates on St. Valentine’s Day1990Short Story
The Song of the Worm1990Short Story
Bars1989Short Story
Deathsong1987Short Story
The Elevator1985Short Story
Forbidden Fruit1982Short Story
The Grand Experiment1982Short Story
High Tribunal1982Short Story
Package from Home1982Short Story
Root . . . and Branch1982Short Story
Palimpsest1981Short Story

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