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Orson F. Whitney
Orson Whitney served for twenty-eight years as bishop of the Eighteenth Ward in Salt Lake City. Called to the Council of the Twelve Apostles, where he served until his death, Whitney was educated at the University of Deseret and became chancellor of the University of Utah. He filled three missions for the Church, his last presiding over the European Mission. A man of letters, he wrote The History of Utah, published biographies of Heber C. Kimball and Lorenzo Snow, an autobiography entitled Through Memory's Halls, and several books of poetry including his lengthy epic poem, Elias, An Epic of the Ages. He is also known for writing frequent defenses of literature. He was the first to articulate the vision of Mormon literature in his 1888 sermon, "Home Literature."

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Also Known As Bishop Orson F. Whitney; O.F. Whitney; O. F. Whitney
Birth Date 1855
Death Date 1931
Birth Place Salt Lake City, Utah

Works by Orson F. Whitney
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Life of Heber C. Kimball1887Biography / Memoir
Biography of Newel K. Whitney1885Biography / Memoir
Biography of William B. Preston1885Biography / Memoir
[Biography of] Edward Hunter1885Biography / Memoir
Joseph Smith in Literature1905Criticism
Home Literature1888Criticism
The Cricket Plague[1943]Devotional Literature
Savior, Redeemer of My Soul1985Music Lyrics
The Wintry Day, Descending to Its Close1985Music Lyrics
The Poet's Prayer1991Poetry
The Wintry Day, Descending to Its Close1974Poetry
Elect of Elohim1904Poetry
Elias: An Epic of the Ages1904Poetry
Sin of Success1891Poetry
An Acrostic1889Poetry
The Age's Need1889Poetry
The Ancient of the Mount1889Poetry
At Byron's Birthplace1889Poetry
The Battle Hymn of Israel1889Poetry
Captured But Not Conquered1889Poetry
The Chosen1889Poetry
Christ and the Earth1889Poetry
Christ Leaving the Prætorium1889Poetry
Christmas Eve Reflections1889Poetry
Edward Hunter1889Poetry
An Evening on the Atlantic1889Poetry
Immanuel- A Christmas Idyl1889Poetry
Inscription on the Monument of the Martyr, Joseph Standing1889Poetry
In the Canyon1889Poetry
The Jubilee of Zion1889Poetry
Judge Not1889Poetry
Lakeside Musings1889Poetry
The Land of Shinehah1889Poetry
Life's Lesson1889Poetry
Lines For a Memorial to a Lady Friend, Deceased1889Poetry
Lines on Leaving England1889Poetry
Lines on the Exodus1889Poetry
Lines to Luella1889Poetry
Lines Written in a Lady's Album1889Poetry
Love and Friendship1889Poetry
Love's Adieu1889Poetry
A Monody1889Poetry
The Mountain and the Vale1889Poetry
The Natal Day of Liberty1889Poetry
New Year1889Poetry
O Tempora! O Mores!1889Poetry
Overthrowing of Gog and Magog1889Poetry
The Past1889Poetry
The Poetical Writings of Orson F. Whitney1889Poetry Collection
Poets and Poetry1889Poetry
The Poet's Prayer1889Poetry
The Portrait1889Poetry
The Redemption of Zion1889Poetry
The Sea's Solemnity1889Poetry
A Second Daniel1889Poetry
A Silent Sorrow1889Poetry
Sorrow's Lesson1889Poetry
Stanzas For Music1889Poetry
Then and Now1889Poetry
Thought's Martyrdom1889Poetry
"Thy Will Be Done"1889Poetry
Truths and Traditions1889Poetry
A Voice From an Absent One1889Poetry
What is Life?1889Poetry
Wit and Wisdom1889Poetry
The Woman of the Everlasting Covenant1889Poetry
Zion's Future1889Poetry
The Martyrdom1886Poetry
What Is Life?1883Poetry
To Joseph Standing1880Poetry
The Educator: A PoemPoetry
The Land of ShinehahPoetry
Poem Inscribed to John TaylorPoetry
A Chosen Generation1987Speech
Destiny of the Earth and its Inhabitants1987Speech
Parable of the Talents1987Speech
Trials of the Saints1987Speech
Zion and Her Redemption1987Speech

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