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Eugene England
Eugene England (1933-2001) was critic, essayist, teacher, and pioneering scholar in the field of Mormon letters. He is responsible for many of the advances in Mormon letters in the twentieth century. In 1966 he founded Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, which has provided a venue for the publication of Mormon stories, poetry, and criticism. He has more recently edited anthologies of Mormon poetry, short fiction, and criticism (see below). He has shaped both the past and future of Mormon writing through the Association for Mormon Letters, which he cofounded and has actively promoted, through his book reviews and through his scholarly assessment of the Latter-day Saints' literary tradition. His most complete overview of Mormon literature is "Mormon Literature: Progress and Prospects". England championed the personal essay as a genre for Mormon expression, authoring three books of essays and promoting the form for others. Eugene England taught Mormon Literature at Brigham Young University from 1977-98 and was Writer in Residence at Utah Valley State College until his untimely passing in August, 2001.

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Also Known As G. Eugene England Jr.
Birth Date July 22, 1933
Death Date August 17, 2001
LDS Missions Samoa, 1954-
Parents George Eugene and Dora Rose Hartvigsen England
Spouse Charlotte Hawkins
Children Katherine England (Paul Nelson), Jody England Hansen (Mike Hansen), George Mark England, Jennifer England (Mark J. Asplund), Rebecca England (Jordan A. Kimball), and Jane England
Education A.B. University of Utah, 1958
Special Grad. M.I.T., 1959
M.A. Stanford University, 1969
Ph.D. Stanford University, 1974
Career Writer-in-Residence, Utah Valley State College, 1998-2001
Professor of English, Brigham Young University, 1974-1998
Associate Professor of English, Brigham Young University, 1977-83
Instructor, LDS Institute, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1975-77
Asst. Professor of English, St. Olaf College, 1970-75
Asst. Professor of English, California State College, Hayward, 1968-70
Affiliations Cofounder and Managing Editor, Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 1965-70
Cofounder, Association for Mormon Letters, 1976; President, 1979-80
International Shakespeare Association
Modern Language Association
Mormon History Association
Philological Association of the Pacific Coast
Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association
Shakespeare Association of America
Western Literature Association

Works by Eugene England
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Brother Brigham1980Biography / Memoir
Brigham's Gospel Kingdom1978Biography / Memoir
Brigham and Joseph1977Biography / Memoir
Brigham Young as a Missionary1977Biography / Memoir
Young Brigham1977Biography / Memoir
Without Purse or Scrip: A 19-Year-Old Missionary in 18531975Biography / Memoir
Pastwatch: The Redemption of Orson Scott Card2002Criticism
Mormon Literature: Progress and Prospects2001Criticism
Whipple's The Giant Joshua: The Greatest but Not the Great Mormon Novel2001Criticism
Danger on the Right! Danger on the Left! : The Ethics of Recent Mormon Fiction 1999Criticism
One View of the Garden1996Criticism
Tending the Garden: Essays on Mormon Literature1996Criticism Collection
Ghosts and Outsiders: Mormon Writers Playing in the Dark1995Criticism
Douglas Thayer's Mr. Wahlquist in Yellowstone: A Mormon's Christian Response to Wilderness1994Criticism
Speaker for the Dead and the Different1993Criticism
The New Mormon Fiction1992Criticism
Virginia Sorensen as the Founding Foremother of the Mormon Personal Essay: My Personal Tribute1992Criticism
Beyond Romanticism: Tuckerman's Life and Poetry1991Criticism
A Second Witness for the Logos: The Book of Mormon and Contemporary Literary Criticism1990Criticism
New Tradition1989Criticism
Beyond "Jack Fiction": Recent Achievement in the Mormon Novel1988Criticism
Brigham Young as Orator and Intellectual1986Criticism
Faithful Fiction1985Criticism
A Small and Piercing Voice: The Sermons of Spencer W. Kimball1985Criticism
Are Women More Free Under the Patriarchy?: The Evidence of Mormon Literature1984Criticism
Thayer's Ode to a Redtail Hawk1984Criticism
Wilderness as Salvation in Peterson's The Canyons of Grace1984Criticism
How Mormon Women Figure Things Out1983Criticism
The Dawning of a Brighter Day: Mormon Literature After 150 Years1982Criticism
Worth ReadingCriticism Series
Converted to Christ Through the Book of Mormon1989Devotional Literature Collection
Moroni and His Captains: Men of Peace in a Time of War1977Devotional Literature
George Laub's Nauvoo Journal1978Diary / Journal
The Works of Terry Tempest Williams1998Interview / Panel
Going to Conference8083Personal Essay
Mission to Paradise1999Personal Essay
Healing and Making Peace, in the Church an the World1995Personal Essay
Jacaranda1995Personal Essay
Making Peace: Personal Essays1995Personal Essay Collection
Monte Cristo1995Personal Essay
"No Respecter of Persons": An Ethics of Diversity1995Personal Essay
On Bringing Peace to BYU, With the Help of Brigham Young1995Personal Essay
On Spectral Evidence, Scapegoating, and False Accusation1995Personal Essay
The Prince of Peace1995Personal Essay
"Thou Shalt Not Kill": An Ethics of Non-Violence1995Personal Essay
Why Utah Mormons Should Become Democrats: Reflections on Partisan Politics1995Personal Essay
The Quality of Mercy: Personal Essays on Mormon Experience1992Personal Essay Collection
Perfection and Progression: Two Ways to Talk About God1989Personal Essay
Why Nephi Killed Laban: Reflections on the Truth of the Book of Mormon1989Personal Essay
The Best of Lowell Bennion: Selected Writings 1929-19881988Personal Essay Collection
Easter Weekend1988Personal Essay
A Modern Acts of the Apostles, 1840: Mormon Literature in the Making1987Personal Essay
On Finding Truth and God: From Hope to Knowledge to Skepticism to Faith1986Personal Essay
Why the Church Is as True as the Gospel1986Personal Essay Collection
Lamanites and the Spirit of the Lord1985Personal Essay
Dialogues With Myself: Personal Essays on Mormon Experience1984Personal Essay Collection
What It Means to Be a Mormon Christian1984Personal Essay
Enduring1983Personal Essay
Joseph Smith and the Tragic Quest1983Personal Essay
Obedience, Integrity, and the Paradox of Selfhood1983Personal Essay
We Need to Liberate Mormon Men!1983Personal Essay
Can Nations Love Their Enemies? : An LDS Theology of Peace1982Personal Essay
How Can God Be Both Good and Powerful?1981Personal Essay
Great Books or True Religion? : Defining the Mormon Scholar1975Personal Essay
Blessing the Chevrolet1974Personal Essay
Hanging by a Thread: Mormons and Watergate1974Personal Essay
The Hosanna Shout in Washington, D.C.1974Personal Essay
Letter to a College Student1974Personal Essay
The Mormon Cross1973Personal Essay
A Teacher's Faith and Values1973Personal Essay Collection
Growing Up Mormon: Maturity for a New Era1971Personal Essay
The Possibility of Dialogue1966Personal Essay
A Matter of Love: My Life With DialoguePersonal Essay
Black Walnut2001Poetry
Your Comfort Close By2001Poetry
Harvest: Contemporary Mormon Poems1989Poetry Anthology
Cri du Chat1983Poetry
Making the Porch1983Poetry
My Kinsman1981Poetry
Charlotte's Cadenza1980Poetry
Sunrise on Christmas1979Poetry
The Classic Angler1965Poetry
It Hurts to Think of YouPoetry
[Review of] Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus by Orson Scott Card1997Review
Orson Scott Card: The Book of Mormon as History and Science Fiction1994Review
[Review of] Night Soil by Levi Peterson1991Review
Orson Scott Card: How a Great Science Fictionist Uses the Book of Mormon1990Review
[Review of] God's Fools: Plays of Mitigated Conscience by Thomas F. Rogers1986Review
[Review of] The Canyons of Grace by Levi Peterson1983Review
[Review of] Spencer W. Kimball1978Review
[Review of] A Believing People: Literature of the Latter-Day Saints1975Review
Bright Angels & Familiars: Contemporary Mormon Stories1992Short Story Anthology
Are Mormons Christians?1970Speech
That They Might Not Suffer: The Gift of Atonement1966Speech
How Others See Us, How We See OurselvesUnassigned
Mormon Poetry, Mormon FictionUnassigned

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