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Mormon Film

Please refer to the Five Waves of Mormon Film for an overview of over a century of Mormons and movies. These include films produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Institutional cinema); mainstream or independent movies depicting Mormons (favorably or otherwise, in narrative feature films, documentaries, or otherwise); and films of whatever sort (student films, films for television, direct to video/DVD, IMAX, etc.) that are created by Mormons (when some affiliation with the religion or culture can be ascertained).

Final Cut: The BYU student film festival

This area of the database is undergoing considerable development currently. In the last year we have added over 2000 films and we anticipate adding hundreds more in 2008.

Genre History
Latter-day Saints have been the subjects of films since 1905, when Thomas Edison’s company released A Trip to Salt Lake City, the first film with identifiably LDS subject matter. Production of films by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was prolific in the 1910s and 1920s. A renewed effort in the 1940s led to the establishment of a Church-owned Motion Picture Studio in 1953, and both official and independent productions have increased constantly since. Since 2000, a number of theatrically released independent Mormon feature films has raised awareness of what is now understood as a long history of Mormon Film. For an overview of the movement and key issues, see the special issue on Mormons and Film published by BYU Studies in 2007. This includes Randy Astle's "A History of Mormon Cinema.". Another resource is Gideon Burton's "Making Mormon Cinema: Hype or Hope?".
The Association for Mormon Letters gives awards in Film and Adaptation. The LDS Film Festival ( has, since 2001, provided a venue for exhibiting LDS films with awards for films/videos and short/feature scripts.
Web Site
A fan site with a variety of box office and other cultural information associated with Mormons and movies.

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