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An Aztec Romance

by Orestes U. Bean

Genre:  Drama
A financially successful theatrical adaptation of B.H. Robert's serialized novel, the play "was so long that diehard theater-goers and Book of Mormon addicts had to wait until after midnight to see the final scene. To Roberts, who was accustomed to hearing two-hour sermons and to using almost limitless quotations in his writing, the dramatic production was perhaps a normal exercise in histrionics. The book very much reflected his knowledge of and attraction to the Book of Mormon. There were the Zoramites, and a Shiblon and a Zoan, in addition to the hero, Corianton, whose 'proud, haughty spirit now humbled to the dust, listened with prayerful attention to the instruction of his father and found the faith of the Gospel the stay and hope of his soul.' (Brigham D. Madsen, B. H. Roberts, Studies of the Book of Mormon, p. 3)

According to Ardis Parshall, the play was also produced on Broadway, under the title "An Aztec Romance" (without the prefatory "Corianton") for one week in September 1912.

Adapted From :
Corianton: An Aztec Romance by B. H. Roberts
Salt Lake City: [No publisher], 1902 (111p.)

Adapted To:
Corianton: An Aztec Romance Produced by Lester Park,Directed by Wilfred North,Writer Orestes U. Bean,Music Composed by Edgar Stillman Kelley

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